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SuperSafe focuses on Providing solutions for tracking with GPS hardware,including personal gps tracking devices, Child gps trackers, GPS tracker for containers & trailers and home security as well as a complete range of in vehicle permanently mounted with GPS Tracking devices. We also focus on Remote Data Transmission for our clients as per their need.

Best GPS Vehicle Tracking and Security System Provider

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems make you to record live movements of your vehicle and you can secure your vehicle and control it from remote location. Our GPS Vehicle tracking device can alert on Ignition detection and send an alert through an SMS on vehicle theft. The GPS Tracker device also has the function to turn on and off the Engine using the mobile application. The GPS Vehicle tracking system also come with options of AC switch on – off , Fencing options, Route History Playback and continuous tracking.

Our assurance is to provide one of the best Vehicle GPS tracking devices and it will help to secure your vehicle and lowers insurance premiums. Track Your Assets and your vehicles on map through our portal & get instant red alerts from your vehicle in the form of SMS. The plus thing is that you can know the Area, Speed, distance, ignition, AC condition and you can control it from where you are, just by sending an SMS you can switch off your vehicle from your place.

Bike Security System

SuperSafe Two Wheeler security system and Two Wheeler tracking device permits live gps tracking to track and secure your bike. The GPS Device can track location, switch on/off using mobile, alert on theft through an SMS. Your bike is highly secure and safe once the GPS Bike tracking system is installed on your two wheeler.

GPS Car tracking device

We Offer you the best GPS Car Security System and GPS Car Security Device to protect your four wheeler from being stolen and misused

Our SuperSafe Car Tracking device keeps track of all the movement of your car all the time. It records the entire route driven by your car. We store the data secured server and whenever you want, you can see the route map and view the reports. Our GPS car security system helps you to maintain your vehicle safely.

Fleet Tracking and Management GPS system

Keep track of your employees and vehicles like bus, school bus, taxi, lorry by using Fleet Management GPS system. We offer SuperSafe Fleet tracking devices at affordable cost to increase productivity, safety and profit. Properly dispatch your fleet to save valuable time, money and resources. Our Fleet Management GPS systems are the best and the most economical devices available in India.

Personal GPS Tracker device/ Child GPS Tracker device

You can watch the movement of your child anytime, anywhere, from your Smart phone through Personal GPS Tracker device or Child GPS Tracker device.Think about gps child tracking and personal gps tracker for Old age peoples. You could fix a child tracking device anywhere in their pocket are in school bag and track your child movements then and there. You will get alert message according to area of fence you set in the kids GPS tracking system.

Home Security Systems

We are the suppliers for one of the best home Security systems to enhance security and safety of your home and the assets. Set it and forget it. SuperSafe offers the perfect home security system for you and your family. This security system can also be installed in shops and in small offices.

Featured IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

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